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PUA Games – The Cube


Playing games with girls is one of the most fun aspects of Dating and learning how to seduce women as a pickup artist. In a good way and not with any ulterior motives, but just to have fun and learn about people.

One of the best things I learned through pickup is how to have fun on dates and when chatting up and meeting hot, beautiful women. Playing is how we learn and not just as children, but as adults as well, it’s just when we become adults we seem to take the “FUN” part out of it.

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There are tons of cool games to play with women and the type they love the most are games that involve learning about their own emotions and personality. They love that stuff. From psychometric tests to palm reading to simply asking them about body language and reading people, it never fails to hook them into a conversation.

Probably the most famous game or pickup artist routine might be “The Cube”. It is ridiculous really and about as factual as any psychic reading or palmistry. However, it is fun and entertaining and the girls seem to lap it up.


pua games and the cube

Benefits of THE CUBE

  • Elicits trust
  • Builds attraction
  • Develops rapport
  • You can escalate to kino
  • You learn the girls values (hugely important*)

There is more to be had from working the cube, but these are just a few of the reasons it is worth learning.

Learning a girls values is really, really important if you want to get to know a girl and develop a relationship, especially a long term relationship. In fact, uncover her true values and you can teach her something about herself that she, or probably anyone close to her for that matter, may never have even known about.

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