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Tips on How to Give a Girl Oral Sex and Fantastic Orgams


How to give a girl great oral sexOral sex is one of the most misunderstood areas of sex, well, along with The G-Spot, S-Spot and 1 O´clock point. Unfortunately, articles written in men’s and women´s magazines like For Him, GQ, Nuts, Company and Just 17, don’t help matters. Who writes that stuff anyway?

They are so far off the truth that it is ridiculous! If you want to know how to make a woman come and give her mind-blowing orgasms, then it might be best you don’t get your information from those sources. The thing is, most of those articles aren´t even written by the journalists. All they do is regurgitate other articles that they have read in other magazines or lifted off the internet about how to make a woman come using cunnilingus. Even in the women’s magazines they seem to be written by girls or women who have maybe never had an orgasm or good sex in their whole lives.


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Rules about how to give a girl oral sex

First off, there are no rules with cunnilingus. Don´t listen to the rubbish you hear on TV or in magazines, that girls like it ‘nice and gentle’ and ‘smooth and slow’ or whatever. It’s not quite that simple. They like it ‘all ways’ depending on the girl you are with, the moment, the situation and just damn well how horny or dirty she is feeling. You can be giving a girl nice, loving oral sex in your bedroom one day and she has a great orgasm and the next day you are doing it in the cinema and she is exploding with multiple orgasms as you bite down hard on her clitoris with your fingers up her A’hole!!!

‘Gently circle the clitoris with your tongue without actually touching it’. How many times have I read that in books on the subject of sex. All they ever say is the same thing, ‘gently caress the labia working your way slowly toward the clitoris, but not touching it’. My god, if you want to be the most average lover in the world then take that advice on board and bore the hell out of most of the girls you meet! Sure it is good for some, sometimes, but not for all, all of the time!

Question: How to give a girl oral sex? Answer: Any way you like and she asks for!

THEY LIKE IT ALL WAYS!!! I think it is demeaning to think that all women enjoy oral sex in the fashion stated in most mainstream mediums. Women are so complex, so diverse, each one so unique that it is a slur on their limitless desire for pleasure to even try to pigeonhole how any one of them would like oral sex.

Variety, spontaneity, understanding, awareness, connection, daring, caring, fast, slow, hard, soft, teasing, anticipation, these are some of the words you want to think about when giving oral sex to your woman. This is how to give a girl an orgasm with your tongue. This is how to make a woman come with cunnilingus.

7 Tips on How to Give a Girl Oral Sex

1) The 7 Ps of the SAS

Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

A famous Italian Hairdresser once told me that if you want to have sex with a girl on Saturday, you need to start planning it on Monday.

With girls, sex and orgasms can very much be in the mind. You can do 99% of the work towards giving her the best orgasm ever and the best oral sex ever days, weeks or months before the big event. It also might need things like your imagination, experience, confidence or even enthusiasm to help lead her towards an orgasms she didn’t even know she could have.

Build up the anticipation, create the scene in her mind and plant ideas and suggestions in her imagination about what it will be like, how she will feel, what you will do to her, what her orgasm will be like and things like that which can lead her towards those outcomes. This is  especially easy to do if you know how the mind works. That’s why it helps if you know things like NLP and hypnosis. It really is quite easy to talk a girl into an orgasm and even keep her having multiple orgasms with just a few cleverly chosen words.

2) Set the scene

Spontaneity is great and you can blow her mind by just taking her by surprise, especially if it is in a risky place like a cinema. But, from my research it seems most guys are just doing the same old thing that everyone does and oral sex is just part of a boring sex routine. Once again, women love the preamble, the build up, the passion and are normally much more emotionally involved with sex than men. Relaxed lighting, candles, incense and mood setting music all send the right messages to her mind and body. Make sure you don’t skip this part EVER, if you can help it. Even if you have just met or candles and that type of thing just aren’t your style, you can always make your life simpler and help your partner have better orgasms by putting a bit of effort and forethought into your sex life, even if it is just making sure the whips and handcuffs are prepared and ready.

3)  “Cunnilingus Tongue Fu”

Ever had a girl stop giving you a blow job or f**king you just as you are having an orgasm? It can be the worst thing in the world and you are left feeling robbed of pleasure. You don’t want to have to stop giving your girl oral sex pleasure just because your neck hurts or your tongue gets tired. I’ve visited an osteopath before to get my neck realigned because it felt uncomfortable when I was giving my girlfriend oral sex. It didn’t hurt any other time, but I got it fixed so I could stay giving her oral sex longer and enjoy the pleasure more.

The Chinese developed a range of neck, mouth and tongue exercises to improve sexual prowess and stamina. If you want to be a good at anything you have to train regularly and getting yourself in physical shape should include exercises for sex and oral sex specifically. My book “How to Give a Woman Oral Sex & The Art of Cunnilingus” includes these exercises.

4) A Tip from A Whorehouse in Texas

A great tip I heard one time when I was watching a TV program about a whorehouse in the United States is to put your tongue up against the front of your top teeth and with the support of your teeth use the back of the tongue to lick a girl. A very simple technique and very effective.

5) Reveal the Hidden Gem By Pulling Back The Clitoris Hood

Do you know what the clitoris hood is and where it is? Do you know how to use it while you are giving her oral sex so that the pleasure you give her goes off the scale and her orgasms are stronger and longer? The clitoris hood covers a lot of the clitoris and lifting it up and back reveals more of her clitoris and parts that are intensely sensitive as it is normally never touched, maybe not even by her.

Study the anatomy and physiology of a woman’s vagina and especially the clitoris. Learn about it and get to know it in detail.

6) Titillation

Ice cubes and hot drinks can be used in inventive ways to add an extra sensation and increase her pleasure. Be careful not to apply ice straight from the freezer to her sensitive parts as it can be dangerous and the same goes with a hot drink. Instead, you can start by putting the ice cube in your mouth and then when your tongue is cooled down you can lick her gently and the feeling of your cool tongue will feel amazing to her. Changing from the ice cube you can take a sip of a hot drink and then use your warmed tongue as a contrasting sensation.

There are lots of variations you can play with using hot and cold drinks and foods and if you blindfold her so she doesn’t know it is going to happen it can send her into realms of pleasure she may never have experienced before. You might have to have the hot drinks and ice cubes hidden under the bed so she doesn’t see them and this is a great example of how a bit of preparation can provide amazing results. Not only are you offering her a surprise she didn’t expect, wonderful new sensations, but you are also showing her that you have taken time and effort to think about how you can give her more pleasure and prepare it in advance.

7) The Secret 1 O’clock Point

For some unfortunate girls their clitoris can become very tender and sore very quickly. For these women it can then be very difficult for a man to give them oral sex and reach orgasm.

If you are having problems or come across a girl who is highly sensitive then the 1 o´clock point technique is perfect as you will be able to lick away all day without them getting sore and bring them to maybe the first clitoral orgasm they have ever had. Also, if they really are very sensitive you may want to use the back of your tongue.

As the name suggests, the 1 o´clock point is located at about 1 o`clock past the girl’s clitoris. So, let me explain. If you are looking at the girls pussy as she is lying down on her back, imagine her clitoral area is a clock and her clitoris is positioned at 12 o´clock. Then just a few millimetres to the right (or left) of her clitoris would be 1 o´clock (or 5 minutes to 12). It is just there, just to the side of the clitoris itself you want to stimulate and maybe only just touching the clitoris carefully now and then.

OK, there’s 8) The Windows to the Soul

York psychologist, Professor Arthur Arun, discovered this in an experiment a few years back.

  • Find a complete stranger.
  • Reveal to each other intimate details about your lives for half an hour.
  • Then, stare deeply into each other’s eyes without talking for four minutes.

Professor Arun asked his subjects to carry out the above 3 steps and found that many of his couples felt deeply attracted after the 34 minute experiment. Two of his subjects later got married.

Two of his subjects later got married!

Imagine if Professor Arun had thought to add a fourth step to the experiment and had everyone look into each other’s eyes for four minutes before, during and after having a simultaneous orgasm. I wonder how many of the participants would have ended up married after that experiment?

Some question about ORAL SEX-

Have you ever read a book about how to give a girl oral sex?
Did you know what the word ‘Cunnilingus’ means?
Do you think you know how to give a girl great oral sex?

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